Contact Lens Fitting

We offer a comprehensive soft contact lens fitting service for adults and children as young as 11, which includes an initial consultation, as well as continued aftercare.

Thanks to continuously evolving contact lens technology to improve lens materials and designs and the extensive experience of our our optometrist, we’ve managed to successfully fit hundreds of patients with contact lenses, including some that previously found they didn’t get on with them.

Advantages of wearing contact lenses

There are many advantages to wearing contact lenses, whether you only want to wear them occasionally, or every day instead of glasses.

One of the main advantages of contact lenses is being able to have an unobstructed field of vision. Wearing glasses means you will always have the edge of your frames in your peripheral vision, which can restrict your field of view, depending on what you are doing.

If you exercise or play sports, you may find contact lenses a lot more convenient to wear than glasses. You won’t need to worry about your frames slipping, falling off, or breaking, allowing you to stay focused and enhance your performance with complete clarity of vision.

Fed up with your glasses fogging up when you have to wear a face mask or are faced with changing weather conditions? This isn’t a problem you’ll have to contend with when wearing contact lenses as they sit directly on your eyes, preventing misting or fogging regardless of where you are or what time of year it is.

We even offer revolutionary MiSight soft daily contact lenses which not only correct myopia – commonly known as short sightedness – but are clinically proven to help slow down the progression of myopia in children.

Types of contact lenses

As an independent practice, we have the freedom to select contact lenses from brands that we feel are best suited to your visual and lifestyle needs. Our preferred contact lens brands include Alcon, Coopervision, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch and Lomb, Mark’ennovy.

We have a range of different types of soft contact lenses available, from daily disposables to 2-weeklies and monthlies, as well as bifocal and multifocal lenses for presbyopia and toric lenses for astigmatism.

Your contact lens consultation

Your initial contact lens consultation will take approximately 1 hour. Firstly, we’ll talk to you about your lifestyle and what you ideally want to get out of wearing contact lenses.

Once we’ve carried out some tests to check your vision and examine your eyes, and take eye measurements, our optometrist will then recommend contact lenses which they feel will be best suited to your prescription and lifestyle needs. We can also put a pair in your eyes for you so you can get an idea of how they look and how well you can see.

If you decide to want to go ahead and try contact lenses, we’ll teach you how to insert, remove and look after them correctly, making sure you’re completely comfortable with them before you leave with your set of trial lenses. Your initial consultation and fitting which includes the cost of a follow-up appointment and issue of prescription is £85.

We’ll ensure we give you enough trial lenses for an agreed period of time so you can see how you get on with them at home. After this, we’ll arrange a follow-up appointment where we can get your feedback and talk through any problems you may have had.

If you’re happy to go ahead with wearing contact lenses, you can then place an order and will have the option to sign up to our monthly direct debit scheme.

Monthly direct debit scheme

The majority of our contact lens patients are on our monthly direct debit scheme, as it is a more convenient and cost-effective way of wearing lenses and managing appointments. If you join the scheme, you’ll benefit from:

  • Regular contact lens and solution (if applicable) supplies every 3 months
  • Unlimited contact lens aftercare appointments, eye examinations and emergency care
  • OCT examinations included with the eye examination
  • Replacement reusable contact lenses
  • 25% off prescription sunglasses and spectacles
  • 25% off designer non-prescription sunglasses
  • 10% off accessories
  • Optional accidental damage cover on your spectacles

Terms and conditions apply to the scheme – please ask at the practice for full details.