Centrostyle Fog no more cloth 15x18cm



A complete range of products for cleaning lenses and glasses and anti-fog solutions to always have a clear and optimal vision, improving your visual well-being at any time of the day.
Cleaning your spectacles must never be neglected, and in particular, today it assumes a role of significant importance. In fact, glasses are in constant contact with and close to our eyes, an organ to which we must ensure maximum protection, hygiene and well-being.
Always seeing clearly and taking care of your glasses by cleaning them with specific products every time the need arises is a good daily habit. Sweat, make-up, atmospheric agents, dust, fingerprints are the most frequent situations of impurities that are deposited on the lenses. The specific products offered by Centro Style are suitable not only for cleaning spectacles and lenses, even with special treatments, but also for the screens of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, now inseparable companions for work and leisure.

Fogged lenses? We have the solution
Rapid changes in temperature, particular humidity conditions, exposure to steam, prolonged use can cause annoying fogging of the lenses, which in the past was a situation limited to specific work or sports areas. Today wearing masks causes hot breath to hit the relatively colder lens surface causing mist and therefore poor vision. To reduce this phenomenon and limit its inconvenience, CentroStyle offers a range of anti-fog products for every need based on daily activity.
Microfiber Fog No More : Long lasting microfiber cloth, for daily use
Gel Fog No More : Originally designed for professional and sports use. Long duration.
Spray Clean Fog No More : Detergent with anti-fog effect. Reduces the lens demisting time.

HOW TO USE: Before applying the product, clean the lenses with a detergent from the Spray Clean range and dry well with a microfibre cloth. Wipe the FOG NO MORE microfiber on both lenses. After use, keep the cloth in the transparent bag with closure

Cleansing and sanitizing formula with antibacterial, Benzalkonium Chloride, which exerts a disinfectant action. 60ml. 0% alcohol so safe for lens and frames materials.
Ideal for all types of lenses, even with treatments and for complete cleaning and hygiene of the frame.
How to use: dispense from a distance of 10/15 cm and dry with a microfibre cloth.

Maxi microfibre cloth 30×30 cm, with digital colour printing on both sides. Unique designs made by the Centrostyle Creative Staff and collected in a single cloth
Deep cleans without scratching. Absorbs and removes fingerprints, soap, dust, hair spray and makeup. It can be hand washed or machine washed up to 40 ° and ironed
Ideal for cleaning treated, anti-reflective and mirrored lenses. Also recommended for screens, computers, tablets and smartphones
Anti-fog microfibre cloth (15×18 cm) to be used on lenses that have already been cleaned. It solves the annoying problem of fogging in different everyday situations
Long-lasting anti-fog action (8-12 hours). Usable for about 200 times. Ideal for all types of lenses, even with treatments

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