Steve And Gill Nicholson Their Travels So Far

Steve And Gill Nicholson Their Travels So Far

Steve retired in September 2019 and they started to make preparations to go away sailing on their boat in Turkey. This has been their retirement dream for as long as I can remember. They were all prepped and ready to go in March 2020 and then lockdown……..

So, they remained at home with everyone else staying safe. Steve did a few DIY projects such as rebuilding the decking at home. Steve took this extremely seriously and it was completed with his trademark level of precision and accuracy!

My parents finally made it out to Turkey in 2022 (after a few health setbacks) and found the boat needed a lot of work, having been left alone for so long. This gave Steve plenty of repairs to do keeping him out of mischief.


We (my husband, the boys and myself) joined them in Turkey for a week in May and got to see the boat for the first time. I have included a few photos of our trip. We sailed out to one of the bays near Fethiye and spent a few days anchored there in the peace and quiet. The sea was still cold, but Gill and Ted braved it!

After we left (and yet more repairs) Steve and Gill made a trip over to Symi (Greece) and spent a few unsettled nights there due to a faulty anchor alarm. They ended up doing 2 hour watches all night and were exhausted after the long motor back to Fethiye.

Steve and Gill returned to the UK in June to enjoy the cooler weather and hope to return to Turkey again in the autumn. Steve occasionally makes guest appearances at Nicholson Eyecare in a DIY capacity, doing tasks around the shop and making repairs.

They send their best wishes to you all!


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